There are a variety of resources available online for those interested in or working on animal cases. This webliography list contains information and links to resource sites. The list is not intended to be comprehensive and website links may have changed.



Avian Welfare Coalition – information about avian welfare

Handbook for a Healthier Bird

Keeping Your Bird Entertained



American Association of Forensic Science. Contact lists of forensic specialists

AZ Forensic Associates – provides consultation services for blood stain pattern analysis

Canine Behavior and Aggression Consulting - also provides consulting services for dog bite and dog attack investigations.

Dr. Melinda Merck’s Veterinary Forensics -  website offering training, consultation services, and case response for animal cases; also contains forms and information on veterinary forensic science

Forensic Pieces - training and consultations offered in a broad range of forensic sciences

HAIRbase™ - a website containing a database of various animal hairs to support forensic analysis

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – crime lab responsible for investigating federal fish and wildlife crimes



Arrowhead Forensics- crime investigation and forensic supply company

Entomology supplies and collection information

Evident Crime Scene - crime scene and evidence collection products

Fitzco, Inc. - crime scene and evidence collection products

Hobo data loggers

Law Enforcement Training and Resource Group – offers new POCKET CSI™, a suite of applications for smart phones for crime scene responders

Lynn Peavey - crime scene and evidence collection products

Sirchie - crime scene and evidence collection products

Tri-tech USA – crime scene and evidence collection products  with veterinary forensic kit



American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians - access to the full list of accredited laboratories in the USA.

Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health – bone marrow fat analysis and animal toxicology testing

US Fish and Wildlife Service-National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory

Forensic toxicology.

Independent Forensics – laboratory testing and products sold for field testing

Microtrace, LLC – private independent laboratory specializing in the characterization and identification of single, small particles and small quantities of unknown materials including animal hair

Purdue University Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory – bone marrow fat analysis

UC Davis: Veterinary Genetics Laboratory - features forensic animal DNA testing.

UC Davis - Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Canine CODIS Dog Fighting database- the site for information on the Canine CODIS database

UF Maples Center for Forensic Medicine – animal DNA testing; limited to canine and wildlife



American Humane Association – offers training in disaster/temporary sheltering

Battered Pet Syndrome: Non-accidental Physical Injuries That Occur In Dogs And Cats by Helen Munro

A Bibliography Related to Crime Scene Interpretation with Emphases in Forensic Geotaphonomic and Forensic Archaeological Field Techniques as a downloadable PDF

Blood stain tutorial
Canadian veterinary website with section on animal abuse

Crime & Clues – website with information for crime scene investigation and forensic science

Crime Scene Investigations - information by retired Sgt. Hayden B. Baldwin

Crime Scene Investigator Network - site has links to forensic articles and information

Diatom home page for Indiana University

Dr. Zeno’s Forensic site - contains forensic information about several disciplines

FBI Forensic Science Communications

Firearms ID - This site includes information on ammunition identification, gunshot residue, shotgun pattern testing, etc.

Forensic Evidence – website of information on forensic science, law, and public policy.

Forensic Magazine - with full issues, articles, products, and services and recent court rulings

Forensic Science Resources

Forensic science resources on the internet – website updated and maintained by The Gelman Library at George Washington University

The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium. Contains the Tufts Animal Care and Condition Score.

Incident Command System – information on the ICS system and links to the online independent study courses

International Association for Identification - Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technologies (SWGIT)

National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology, and the Law, a program of the National Institute of Justice – searchable database

National Institute of Justice - A Guide for General Crime Scene Investigation: Processing the Scene

Necropsy Procedures for Wild Animals

NetVet: Veterinary and Animal Government and Law Resources

Purina BCS - site for information on Purina body condition scale for dogs and cats

Reddy’s Forensic Page – website listing forensic books and journals

Weather Data-



BCS system - Cattle

BCS (Henneke system) - Equine

Dairy Welfare Guide

Lameness / locomotion guide

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension Animal Welfare - this site has numerous welfare guides for multiple species of livestock and provides excellent resources for establishing what constitutes acceptable management practices



Animal Legal Defense Fund - offers investigation and prosecution support for animal cruelty cases; site has resources including animal law info and foster agreement forms for animals in legal cases

Federal Animal Welfare Act

Georgia Legal Professionals for Animals

Gonzaga University - a selected bibliography and research guide for animal law

Lewis & Clark Law School Center for Animal Law - site offers resources in animal law

Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law- a searchable website for animal cruelty laws and veterinary practice acts in the U.S. and internationally

USDA Animal Welfare Page, including pdf and Word versions of the Animal Welfare Act



American Association of Forensic Science – Source of the Journal of Forensic Science.

American College of Forensic Examiners – Source for the Forensic Examiner journal.

Association of Shelter Veterinarians – site has guidelines for standard of care in animal shelter and the Five Freedoms

International Veterinary Forensic Sciences Association

National Association of Medical Examiners - Source of the journal: The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.

Melinda D. Merck, D.V.M.
Veterinary Forensics Consulting, LLC

Dr. Melinda Merck is a forensic veterinarian consulting on cases involving animals. Dr. Merck assists investigators of animal cruelty with crime scene investigation as well as the examination of live and deceased victims. She helps with large scale operations including exhumations of burial sites and examination of skeletal animal remains. She frequently testifies as a veterinary forensic expert for animal cruelty cases around the country including cases involving animal fighting, neglect and trauma.



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